Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tech(nology) Ev(olution)

The creation of this blog represents the acceptance of the fact that my grand plan of starting a successful online business just hasn't come to fruition. This domain name is six years old and I've run through dozens of potential ideas without actually "starting" any of them. It's not that the ideas are bad, in fact, I think many of them had a legit shot or at least would have provided a decent learning experience. It's just that I don't have the will to do all of the other work (anything unrelated to the conception of the idea itself) needed to kick off a start-up.

I always figured I'd partner with that perfect business partner who had all of the business skills but lacked the good ideas. I had a couple of friends and colleagues who had potential, but it just never worked out. There were always great lunch conversations around starting up a business and great ideas of how we could make loads of cash with the next big thing, but something else always came up. Friends got promotions at work, went back to school, moved or were more concerned with their own cool ideas.

It's not that I've entirely given up the idea of starting something up. I just need to give myself a real break from thinking that I'm wasting valuable time by not coding this next big thing RIGHT NOW! Seriously, if I sit down to watch the Phillies struggle to stay at .500 so they can win the wild card, I get mad at myself for not working up a plan of attack for getting these crazy ideas onto a web server. I don't even play videogames anymore for the same reason. It's just maddening sometimes.

I think I've also come to the realization that what I really like is simply coming up with the ideas and discussing them with my friends. I've always enjoyed discussing the potential pros and cons of some crazy web idea and working out the details only to have the idea tangent into something completely unrelated but ten times cooler. I've found that some of my best friends became my best friends simply because we were able to bounce these ideas back and forth and turn the discussions into really fun and memorable conversations.

Anyway, I thought that instead of giving myself headaches for not putting these ideas into action, I'd just write them down here and shoot them off to the world instead. Even if I'm the only one who reads them I can say I actually did something with the idea instead of keeping it locked up inside the ol' brain safe. I even think it would be just as cool to see someone else run with the idea and do something with it themselves.

Let's call it an open-source idea mill. Share the ideas with the world and see if anything decent can come from any of them. Who knows?


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